The Indoor Laboratory

The central anatomy of the indoor infrastructure incorporates two Stewart platforms equipped with Kongsberg MRUs and an industrial robot attached to the large platform to emulate the scenarios of lifting and handling from vessel to vessel and the associated dynamics.

The indoor laboratory is equipped with several sensors and tracking equipment, allowing for complete measurement coverage of the motion systems involved.

Stationary Equipment

The following equipment allow the laboratory to function as a unique testing facility to develop, improve, and validate offshore motion compensation methods and other motion-related tasks in general:

Stewart Platforms: Van Halteren Technologies (Rexroth) EMotion-1500 and EMotion-8000.

Industrial Robot and Winch: Comau Smart-5 NJ 110-3.0 with an electrical winch that includes a Beckhoff AM8532-H servor motor and a AX5103 servo drive.

Vehicle Loader Crane: HMF 2020-K4 instrumented with a hydraulic winch and additional position sensors.

Motion Capturing System: 17 Qualisys Oqus 7+ cameras.

A detailed exposition of the indoor facility is described in the journal article: The Norwegian Motion-Laboratory

Stewart Platforms Specifications

Portable Equipment

The Mobile Stewart Platform

An additional EMotion-1500 Mobile Stewart platform, portable on a car trailer, is accessible for use in all of Norway.

Aux Equipment

The following equipment can be rented externally and used outside the indoor laboratory:

Motion Reference Units: 2x Kongsberg MRU H.

Laser Trackers: Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 and FARO Laser Tracker Xi.

Motion Capture Cameras: Eight Qualisys Miques hybrid cameras.

Force/Torque Sensor: ATI Axia A80-M20 EtherCat F/T Sensor.