Motion Capture in Motion-Lab

During 22nd-24th November 2016 the company Qualisys from Sweden installed the motion capture system in the Motion-Lab. The picture below shows Martin Holmberg from Qualisys setting up the cameras.


In total, 17 cameras were installed that provide the full coverage of the laboratory’s working volume. In addition to monitoring the motion compensation experiments that use 2 Stewart platforms and the industrial robot, the free lab space is inspected as well where e.g. the lifeboat drop tests can be performed. The photograph below shows the Motion-Lab with the newly installed cameras: 7 on each of the two side walls and 3 on the glass wall behind the platforms. All cameras are mounted close to the ceiling at the height between 6-7 meters.


Watch this video to see the fully operational motion capture system.

The installation of the motion capture cameras was performed as part of the National Financing Initiative for Research Infrastructure (INFRASTRUKTUR) project funded by the Research Council of Norway (project no. 245717).